Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend with The Chacheres

This past weekend this incredibly giving man and his family came to stay with us: Tony & Amy
Tony Chachere & his wife Amy {pictured behind Tony}.
Joining them was their adorable daughter Alyssa {who was wonderful with all 3 of my children}!: Alyssa & Owen Tony agreed to cook donated dinner for all the golfers following the 2nd Annual Patrick Murphree Memorial Golf Tournament. They arrived into town late Thursday afternoon. Friday, Jody and Tony were tied up with Amy and I took these 3 children...
MR, Banks & Alyssa Point Mallard Mine haven't been all summer they were thrilled! Banks and Alyssa quickly jumped in line for this slide:
Slide While Mary Reese decided these were more her speed:
Banks and Alyssa decided they wanted to hit the other slides while Mary Reese preferred it here: Wave jumping
She LOVED the waves and was absolutely FEARLESS! This is the look I got when I told her I wasn't going to the 8 FT with her:
Pouting @ PM Who pouts at Point Mallard? She cheered right up when Banks and Alyssa appeared again. MR & Alyssa

Resting We had a great afternoon swimming, sliding and jumping the waves! We headed home for a quick rest before going to David and Sue's for hamburgers. It was fun spending time with all of Patrick's high school and college friends...they are such a wonderful group of people & always make me laugh!

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