Friday, July 31, 2009

My little party planner

Today I had one of these: birthday candles
I tried to be low key about it. I don't really get into adult birthdays. This chick wasn't hearing it: {Excuse the next few pictures...taken with a camera phone by my children in a dark location...but it is all we had!} party planner
She went into party planning mode! She went shopping today. She bought a new party dress, a cake and some candles. She got on the phone to reserve a table at The Brick and invited all the guest {our family + Kathy Hunt}. Her only requirement: the girls had to look gorgeous and the men had to look handsome in their party clothes! Tina {at The Brick} was sweet enough to decorate the table for me! She was thrilled with the party! me & MR
Banks had a great time as well: me & Banks
They even had me an ice cream cake: cake #1
Debbie even fed Owen some ice cream {she would have yelled at me if I had tried to do that with Banks or Mary Reese}! He loved it... owen + ice cream We came home and ate more cake! Mary Reese picked out a beach themed one at the grocery store we celebrated again! cake #2
Then she got in trouble with her Daddy! He got this face: after the spanking
She called Kathy Hunt to tell her all about it! She said she would take care of him on Tuesday when she is at our house.
I tucked her in tonight and thanked her for my party. She said "Your welcome. Sorry Daddy ruined your party!" Bless her!
Thank you for all my Birthday calls, emails, texts and Facebook messages!


The Bordens said...

Happy Birthday. Mar u better be good

C. Smith said...

what a wonderful party MR planned!! Hope you had a great day

Tara McClendon said...

Happy belated birthday!! I would pay money to see what Mary Reese and Towns could do together...I thought she was the only 4 year old in town who loved party planning, but it looks like MR is in the running! Hope you had a fabulous day!!