Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby It's HOT Outside!

When the temperatures are in the nineties {and it feels way HOTTER than that} and the pool no longer feels cool, what do you do? Thanks to a friend, I discovered Kids' Summer Film Series {free movie Mondays and Wednesdays} here:
So this morning, we loaded up and headed out to see Alvin and the Chipmunks! We own the movie...but it was so fun to see on the big screen while eating movie theater popcorn! Here we are patiently waiting for the movie to begin {we got there about 45 minutes early because I knew FREE = PACKED}:
Waiting Patiently
Shortly after this picture was taken, I realized I left Owen's bottle in the car. We quickly made a mad dash back to the car. Somehow in all the confusion, Mary Reese's kid's combo pack ended up in the floor. So in our way back in...we hit up the concession stand for another round! After the movie, we walked around to look at the fountains. I tried to get a cute picture of Banks and Mary Reese:
Very cooperative don't you think {I can't wait to show her this in 10 years}! A few minutes later she turned that pout into a smile:
A few minutes after that...the security guard was approaching us to let us know that we shouldn't be wading in the fountain! We were all sweating by the time we reached the car, so I quickly headed to one of our favorite spots for a cool summer treat {truth be known...we like it in the winter just as well}:
There is nothing like one of these on a hot day:
Dip Cone
We all scarfed down our dip cones like someone was going to take them away from us!


C. Smith said...

Glad I told you to get there early- cause I was so late (we even missed out on the free tickets!!) so had to pay for movie + food= EXPENSIVE....

ok how have you gotten your pictures BIG???

Sue said...

Sounds like a fun afternoon! I love Mar in the fountain!