Thursday, April 30, 2009

Field Day 2009

Banks had Field Day today at school. His school does stations and each class moves from station to station. One of the stations was a 50 yard dash where he won this:
1st Place!
Here are some of the other stations: Big Foot Race Sack Race
Water "Balloons"
Football & Frisbee Throw
And no Field Day would be complete without a good game of Tug-of-War!
Owen even get in on some of the action:

I think he had a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BEARY Fun Saturday

Mary Reese {and I} had her first experience at the Build-a-Bear Workshop. Her friends Gray and Copeland had their 4th Birthday Party there on Saturday. First they picked out their bears and then decided on a name. Then they put a heart in their bear as well as one in Gray and Copeland's.
Here are Gray and Mary Reese waiting to stuff their bears:
Here she is stuffing Penny:
After getting stuffed and sewn up, she gave her bear a bath:
and then she went shopping for an outfit, shoes and a set of Hello Kitty pjs. {She really wanted a purse and a chair for her bear...but I stopped her with the clothes.} Here is the birthday gang with their bears:
After packing up their bears, she and Penny Smith {the bear's namesake} strolled hand and hand to the food court where they yummed up a delicious cookie cake!
The party was precious! Thanks to Gray and Copeland for including us...we had a ball!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hair & Make-up 101

Last night Mary Reese had pictures for her dance recital {which is a month away}! Thank goodness our fabulous friend Kristi {who happened to take dance her entire life}. She was sweet enough to come by on her way back to Mississippi to do Mary Reese's hair and make up for her photo session {because MR's momma is clueless when it comes to hair and make up for a 4 year old. She would never make it in the Toddler&Tiara world}.
Here they are mid-make over:
Here is Gray and Mary Reese waiting their turn:
I think they are going to be so stinking cute as Rosebuds!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


We had a very un-traditional Easter at the Murphree house. Jody originally wasn't going to be home from the Masters until late Easter I had scrapped the idea of getting 3 children and myself dressed and ready for church. He ended up getting home about 1:30 am but we still didn't attempt church. The Easter Bunny did make a stop at our house:
Mary Reese got 2 new bathing suits, Princess dominos, a sketch pad and scissors that cut out different edges {she is really gotten into "arts and crafts"}, barrettes, band-aids and some candy. Banks got a new basketball, 2 new bathing suits, Micky Mouse dominos, a sketch pad, band-aids and candy. Owen got formula, bigger bottles, passies, diapers and some bath stuff.
The other 2 tore through their baskets at 6:30 am {and I was still half asleep} so my pictures of them weren't the best. Owen leisurely went through his basket and was thoughtful enough to stop and pose for a picture before digging into his basket.
Aunt Stacey and David decided at the last minute to head up for an Easter meal. After a late lunch, Debbie hid some eggs for all of us to find!
{Even the adults got in on the action once they realized there was money in some of the eggs!}
After the hunt, we all dove into this:
My nana use to make these cakes for us on Easter! Everyone crashed {from their sugar highs} early!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to a very chilly egg hunt this morning. Banks and Mary Reese were in 2 different age groups on opposite sides of the building. Thank goodness for friends who will watch one of your children!
Mary Reese hunting:
Taking a break to love on her baby brother:
Who wasn't impressed! After Mary Reese was finished, we headed to the front to check out Banks: Who ended up doing a great job! He found 135 eggs and won the prize for the most eggs in his age group. {There were only 2 people in his age group and the other little boy found the golden egg!}
Here are all the prize winners:

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Eggs & Excitement

This morning Jody headed to the Masters. The kids and I were all off for Good Friday so we tackled Easter Egg dying. They had a fabulous time and took it very serious:
Even Owen got in on the action: Here are all of the kids with their finished product:
This afternoon a storm came through. Jody was calling to make sure we were hunkered down in the basement. I headed down with all the kids and the dog {plus a load of laundry} when the hail was golf ball sized.
Here we are camped out:
Glad we did because this was the scene 2 streets down:
Most of the neighborhood came out to witness the excitement!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame{s}...

We spent the majority of the weekend here:
{Banks is the one in mid air}
The Georgia Tech Yellowjackets T-Ball season started Friday night with our first game against the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Banks up to bat for first time this year:
Results = HOME RUN! {He was was his first one}
The Opening Day Parade, Ceremony and Exhibition Games were originally scheduled for last Saturday. Everything was cancelled because the brilliant weathermen/women predicted 90% chance of rain {it never rained a drop}. So we had our opening day this Saturday after our first ballgame.
Here come the Yellowjackets:
Mary Reese and her BFF Gray were TRILLED to be together and even more thrilled to be catching CANDY!
Baby Owen {doing what he does best} got to watch the parade in the company of a baby doll and a Barbie computer:
After the parade and opening ceremonies we headed off to do this:
The 2nd Annual Patrick Murphree Memorial Blood Drive was Saturday. Jody gave blood for the 2nd time in his life...I was unable to give because I had not been released by my doctor yet.
Then we were back to the ball fields for our exhibition game against the LSU Tigers:
{Banks getting ready to run home}
Mary Reese loves going to the ball field {only because she can get a slush and a snack}:
We ended up 2-0 for the weekend!
After we left the ball field, Jody and I got cleaned up for a night out with adults! We helped give a party for some friends who are getting married. I was responsible for these delicious and delightful goodies: Creme de Menthe Brownies
Baby Owen knew it was an exhausting day and decided to give us the gift of sleeping through the night {8:30 pm - 5:30 am}. We are hoping for a repeat performance tonight since I am going back to work tomorrow...say a little prayer!