Monday, July 20, 2009

Family Favorite: Zucchini Bread

Last week, we made Zucchini Bread. We were hoping for some zucchini fresh out of our garden but ours were only this big:

So we resorted to the Farmer's Market. While we where there, we picked up these beauties:

I have enjoyed them in my kitchen all week long! After we arranged our flowers, I gathered all the ingredients we needed:
zucchini bread ingredients

Then I grabbed one of my wonderful assistants...
Mixing Zucchini Bread

...and we mixed our "gredients". Then we poured it in the pans and waited patiently for 1 hour until the loaves were finally done!
Zucchini Bread

A certain little boy was playing outside during the stirring and baking. As soon as he caught a whiff of the bread, he headed in for a sampling:
Taste Tester

It got his stamp of approval {only because I left the nuts out of 2 loaves}! Since we had enough zucchini for 4 loaves...we shared with the neighbors. Meet my delivery boy:
Good Neighbor

The next day I went opened the front door and found this on the doorstep:
Thank you

A sweet {but totally unnecessary} Thank You note from one of the neighbors!
Zucchini Bread Recipe

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