Wednesday, July 1, 2009

bribery & a cool treat

Several of us mommas offered bribes to our children if they walked down the aisle Saturday and held up their end of the flower girl/ring bearer role. {Bribery can't be that bad...the pediatrician suggested it when I was trying to potty train Banks!} Mine were bribed with a shopping trip to pick out a brand new toy {because we don't already have enough}:
Banks picked out a glow station and Mary Reese a Wedding Day Sparkle doll.
a cool treat
Mine kids have always loved yogurt. Yesterday I put some in a muffin tin, stuck a stick in the middle and put them in the freezer...
Mary Reese thought it was delicious, delightful and cool refreshing treat! {excuse her appearance...she had been playing in the sprinkler and eating pizza}


the Jacksons said...

fun toys! and what a yummy treat...i will have to try that!

Sue said...

luckily (at least for me), Carter isn't old enough to understand bribery, but the "special treat" (cake) at the reception seemed to reward him ok! Hope you are having fun at the lake!