Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Last night I went to bed having sweet dreams of diving into a slice of this for breakfast: Cinnamon Sugar Bread Cinnamon Sugar Bread inside the bread Thankfully, I cut into it last night for a little bedtime snack {I can't resist fresh bread out of the oven}.
This morning, Jody came back into the room to inform me that the entire loaf of Cinnamon Sugar Bread was GONE! I will give you 3 guesses on who ate the entire loaf while the rest of the family was fast asleep {HINT: he has 4 legs, brown hair and has a MAJOR sweet tooth}! I am still kicking myself for not securing it better: Kicking
So for breakfast I had to settle for this: PB Toast
Sourdough Bread smeared with Peanut Butter {just as delicious}! For some reason our midnight snacker didn't touch the loaf of plain bread!


Sue said...

Oh, No, Andrea...though, I have to admit, it made me chuckle. We'd be in a world of hurt, too, if Wrigs were taller. I guess you could look on the bright least he just eats your food rather than ruining your furniture! :)

StaceyLWillis said...

I need that recipe!

Anonymous said...