Sunday, January 31, 2010

Next Phase

Owen has entered the next phase of his life...

O Walks

He has been taking a couple of steps here and there.  But this past week he starting walking all over the place!  It is hard to believe that he will be 11 months old in just a week and half.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guess what...


Guess what day of school it was today...

100th Day

...the 100th!  I am not sure when this became such a big thing but the 100th Day of School in the elementary schools is HUGE!

I sent these cupcakes for Banks to share with his class!  I heard through the grapevine they were disappointed there were not 100 of them {but their teacher was very thankful}!

Banks brought home this paper from the 100th Day...
100 things

I circled my favorite answers!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Killing 2 birds with 1 stone

Banks started a new subject this semester…



On Mondays he is given a pre-test with 10 words. If he spells the word correctly, he gets to pick a more challenging word from 1 of 3 lists. Mrs. Propst sent home several ways to get the children excited about studying their words. One of her suggestions was using Scrabble tiles. Nanny Nan sent this to Banks yesterday…

Scrabble apple

All the tiles zip up neatly in a little apple! He had the best time last night using the tiles to spell his words…

Working Hard

After he spelled the word, we tied in some Math.  I had him add up how many points it was worth. Then he figured out which word was worth the most points and which word was worth the least.

High scores

This week there was a tie for the most points – object and January were both worth 17 points. The word worth the least was list {worth 4 points}. So far he has aced his spelling tests…let’s hope it continues!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Valentine's Shrinky Dink Tree

I have been wanting to turn these branches into something crafty for Valentine's Day....

Bare Branches

...I just couldn't find anything I liked!  Last night I was reading this post on a friend's blog when I discovered these...

Ready to Shrink

...Valentine's Shrinky Dinks!  I knew they would be perfect for my branches!  We had the best time during our snow day making our SD Christmas I knew the kids would be into them.  Mary Reese spent hours coloring hers...
Busy Coloring

Banks colored for a little while and moved onto the Wii.  Owen took over one of his pages...

Owen wants action

I am always amazed that they go in the oven one size and in less than 3 minutes they come out a fraction of the size...

Before & After

We punched holes in them before we baked them so we could string them for our Valentine's tree...

Shrinky Dinky Valentine's Tree

How fun is that...

Valentine SD Closeup

While at Target we picked up a few of these...

Happy V Day

...paired with a homemade treat, they make the best teacher gift!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Family Favorite: Pizza Pinwheels

Pizza Pinwheels were a favorite of mine growing up.  My kids love them as well!  They are super easy and always a hit.  They pack in a lunchbox fabulously!

First unroll a can of crescent rolls, then pinch the seams together...
Pinch Seams

Spread some sauce on top...


Top with some pepperoni...


Sprinkle with mozzarella...


Then you roll them up...

Roll it up

Cut the roll into 4 equal pieces...

Cut into 4s

Place on a baking sheet...

Ready to Bake

...and bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes...

Pizza Pinwheels

Delicious & Delightful!

Even better when served with some piping hot chocolate chip cookies...

CC Cookies

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What happens when...

you are the baby brother to a girly-girly sister who loved to play dress up...

Princess Owie

Bless him!!!

She did make up it up to him tonight...

Sharing sharing her ice cream cone!  By the looks of the pictures...



Owie Ice Cream Cone

...he thought it was a fair trade-off!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Days

This is what our street looked like as we were loading up for school on Thursday...
Morning Snow

This two were dressed and ready but secretly hoping for an early release...


All the snow stopped soon after we all arrived at school, so just knew we would be in session for the day.  Then all of a sudden the snow started to fall again and they announce an 11:30 release!!!  The best news ever...we got to go home early and didn't have to make up the day!  By the time we all arrived home, this is what our street looked like...


Later that afternoon, we found out that school was cancelled for Friday...

What? No school?

...Owen said "What? No School Tomorrow?" because by that point all the snow had pretty much stopped!

We hunkered down for the game with...

Chicken Veggie & Cornbread

...big bowls of chicken veggie soup and piles of cornbread.

Friday morning, Banks and Mary Reese were dying to...

Snow Bunnies outside in what little snow we had left!  After I made them come in and warm up, we were looking for a little project.  I remembered something Banks got for Christmas from Santa.  Do you remember doing these?


...Shrinky Dinks?  First you color them {they took this part serious}...


Then you put them on a baking sheet and pop them in the oven...

Ready to shrink

...and in about 3 minutes they come out looking like this...

Shrinky Dinks

They had the best time watching them shrink!  Our Shrinky Dinks were actually ornaments which came with this little tree for display...

Shrinky Drink Tree

Won't this be fun for the holidays?

It is another fridged day around these parts.  If you look closley out the window, you can see some tiny flakes of snow falling.  I think I am offically ready for Spring!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brief Recap of 2009...

01 - Jan

January - rung in the new year with cousin Carter, shopped with Aunt Stacey for wedding & bridesmaid dresses

02 - Feb

February - celebrated Valentine's Day, cranked out a science fair poster & made snow angels

03 - March

March - welcomed the arrival of Owen Patrick Murphree, placed in the county science fair & spent Spring Break at home doing lots of arts & crafts

04 - April

April - started T-Ball, celebrated Easter & Banks had Field Day

05 - May

May - Owen went on his first road trip to Natchez, finally got our garden planted, Mary Reese performed as a rosebud in her dance recital, my Alpha Chi pledge class had a slumber party in the sorority house, Banks graduated from Kindergarten & we watched the hot air ballons on Memorial Day

06 - June

June - spent a week at the beach, picked blueberries & got Aunt Stacey hitched

07 - July

July - spent the 4th at the lake, spent some time at Point Mallard, Owen learned to roll over, Banks lost his 1st tooth, enjoyed dip cones & free movies at the Monaco

08 - August

August - everyone started back to school, spent some last weekends of summer fishing at the lake, welcomed a new cousin (Callen) & squeezed in one last trip to Point Mallard

09 - September

September - welcomed fall weather, attend football games and tailgating parties & Owen turned 6 months old

10 - October

October - Fall Festivals at both schools, spent Fall Break @ Ross Bridge & Boo at the Zoo, Owen was baptized & trick-or-treated with friends

11 - November

November - celebrated Mary Reese's 5th Birthday, Owen learned to crawl and pull up & enjoyed Thanksgiving with family

12 - December

December - adopted our elf (Dasher Minty), decorated gingerbread house, went on a field trip to Santa's Village, had breakfast with Santa & had a hectic holiday season