Monday, March 3, 2008

“The River”

Another low key weekend at the Murphree house!!! Jody played golf on Saturday morning and then Banks joined him in the afternoon for a little round. Mary Reese, Debbie and I hit Costco and Old Navy. Mary Reese bought herself a total of 4 new pairs of flip flops this weekend! If you have been reading the blog for any length of time…you know flip flops is her shoe of choice so she was thrilled! She was very into picking them out and trying them on. Sunday afternoon was BEAUTIFUL so we decided to take Camp on a swim. We were headed to the boat ramp at Hickory Hills but then decided “The River” would be more private. If you are from Decatur and attended high school in the early nineties, you know about “The River.” It is a spot on the wildlife refuge we use to hang out until the police found us and would run us off. Camp had the best time fetching his “duck” and the kids loved watching him romp in the water! We spent the rest of the afternoon outside enjoying the wonderful weather!

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