Monday, March 3, 2008

First T-Ball Practice

Banks had his first T-Ball practice today at 5:00! He is on the Texas Tech Red Raiders (for some reason they are all college teams now instead of major leagues). I met Jody at the practice field to pick up Mary Reese and to watch Banks for a few minutes. I watched him throw a ball and his tongue was sticking out in pure Banks fashion! In the picture above, he is the one with his hands on his hips. Wonder who he gets that from?


Sue & Nick Willis said...

Yea, Banks! Can't wait to see the action shots when it gets to be game time!

Thanks, Aunt E, for the bubble outfit you mailed. Mommy is going to try it on me today and then call Ms. Stephanie! Love, Carter

StaceyLWillis said...

I hope Banks got some of my athletic skills! I was a really good softball player..hahahaha!

Jody, Andrea, Banks and Mary Reese said...

Let's just hope he doesn't break his arm right before the season starts like his Aunt Stacey!