Friday, March 28, 2008

First Dental Appointment

Mary Reese had her first dental appointment this afternoon and it was not even scheduled! While Banks was having his regular 6 month cleaning, we were talking to Mary Reese about getting hers done one day soon. She was refusing and very persistent that she was not getting her teeth cleaned today or any day! I was laughing with everyone in the office because she was so brave the last time she was in "the dental chair" getting stitches! Then all of a sudden she found her courage and jumped up into the chair! Thank goodness I had my camera in the car so I could document the big day. Kim used the tickle toothbrush to clean the sugar bugs off her teeth, flossed in between them and then “painted” on some fluoride. Notice who the assistant was…he was trilled about spraying the water and using the suction tool! Also notice that everything is PINK…the suction straw, the sunglass to block the light and the strawberry toothpaste. Popsy did a final check and then counted all her teeth. She also got x-rays of her teeth by riding in the rocket ship. Banks was so into the rocket ship…he got to ride too. After the appointments…they both got a trip to the treasure tower!!!

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