Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Eggs

Banks and Jody spent the afternoon on the golf course while Mary Reese and I got pedicures. Can you guess what her polish color was named? Princesses Rule...a bright sparkly pink that's tiara worthy!!! On our way home from getting our toes ready for Spring, we stopped by Lucky's and stocked up on eggs for our annual Easter Egg dying session. Banks was so excited to see the colander full of freshly boiled eggs when he got home!

Like always, they really got into the project. This year I bought a "traditional" kit and a tie-dye kit. Banks was really into the tie-dying and had his tongue out in pure Banks fashion the entire time. Mary Reese put all of her eggs in the pink dye, of course! Hopefully they will last a week until the Easter Bunny can hop through and hide them on his way out the door!

The finished product!

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