Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Other Mommy

Two summers ago during our annual family vacation to the beach, Banks was calling for his "mommy" while we were all trying to get dressed for dinner. When I asked him what he needed and he said "I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to my other mommy." He was talking to Aunt Stacey aka My Other Mommy!!!
Aunt Stacey was sweet enough to come keep them the last two days since they are all out on Spring Break! I think they had 2 packed-full-of-fun days! Yesterday I met them at The Brick for lunch and they went onto the park, by Popsy's office and to get ice cream! They stayed close to home this morning because of the rain, but did run by the grocery store to grab some ingredients to make Tri-Level Brownies! Yummy! Since Aunt Stacey is a kindergarten teacher, she introduced them to a fun and educational website while she was here! Thank you Aunt Stacey for spending 2 days of your Spring Break with us! We love you and can't wait to spend a week with you at the beach in a few months!

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