Monday, March 17, 2008

A Weekend in the Life of Mary Reese

Mary Reese is doing us in at the moment and we are all hoping it is a short lived phase. Let me just do a brief recap of her weekend activities.
On Friday night, she sprayed the tv in our bedroom with Clorox Hard Surface Cleaner so much that it seeped into the speaker holes and temporarily “shorted out” the control buttons. The tv could not be turned off; the channels could not be changed to the proper channel so the satellite feed would come through so all you got was snow; and the volume would shoot all the way up and when you tried to turn it down…it went right back up to the loudest setting. We tried to dry it out with the hairdryer and that helped a little bit, at least we could get it back on channel 73 to watch tv but the volume was still blaring! It finally dried out enough so we could get it to turn off. We let it sit a few hours and thankfully everything started working properly. She sat in “time out” for over an hour that night. I know it is suppose to be 1 minute for their age…but I decided her behavior warranted more that just 3 minutes!!! She also got her princess tv and dvd player taken out of her room for the night which totally devastated her.
Friday night she was suppose to be in her bed going to sleep, instead she taking revenge! She pulled a chair over to the china cabinet in her room and took out all my Little Women Madame Alexander dolls, completely undressed them, decapitated them, made them amputees and then shoved all the pieces under her bed. It took me an hour to figure out which dress, pantaloons, socks and shoes went to which doll! My only saving grace was they still have the tags with a picture of all the dolls on the front. She now has a rubber band securing the doors on the cabinet…we will see if that deters her.
Sunday, Debbie and I took her to Target while Banks and Jody took Camp on a swim. Debbie bought her some new pink glittery Hello Kitty sandals similar to her friend Gray’s. She was so proud of her new shoes that she wore them out the store and then onto the grocery store. Since the weather was gorgeous, I also bought some Crayola Side Walk Paint and Chalk at Target for an afternoon activity (I highly recommend). It kept them entertained for a good hour or so while I got the garage swept out. Mary Reese got mud on her new shoes, so she went to wash them off in the kitchen sink. I know, I should have gone with her and supervised, but didn’t. When I walked into the kitchen there was a small flood on the kitchen floor. I got that all mopped up with towels and headed down to the basement to put them in the washing machine where I realized that some of the water had seeped through the hardwood floors in the kitchen to the basement. Lovely, yet another mess to clean up.
Jody is home with them this morning and has called to inform me that Mary Reese has cut her hair! She is now sporting BANGS just in time for Easter! He has left me the pile of hair to witness and is trying to get her in with the hairdresser who doesn’t work until Wednesday! Here is the picture I received from his camera phone:
Whoever swapped our sweet little girl for this one…please return ours QUICKLY!!!


Sue & Nick Willis said...

Wow! What a pistol! I have to admit...while it probably wasn't funny while it was happening, I laughed almost this entire entry! I hope she snaps out of it too!

Lori said...

Oh my! If this is some joke entry you like to send first time pregnant people to scare the ---- out of them, it worked!
No way could you be talking about sweet MAR MAR!

Mandy said...

oh how precious! hope she has gotten her act together for the easter bunny. make sure to tell her bangs are in right now! miss you all