Saturday, March 22, 2008

TBall and an Easter Egg Hunt

Wow, what a event packed day the Murphree Family had today!!! We started off the morning with a TBall practice. Today Banks asked if Mary Reese and I would come watch his TBall practice on the real we did! I can already tell that I am going to have to take out a small loan to cover our expenses at the consession stand! it was open even though opening day is not until next Saturday! Mary Reese and I braved the grocery store after watching practice. It was not as bad as I thought it might be but Publix was already out of coconut and powdered sugar by noon today! Banks and Jody headed off for their afternoon at the golf course while Mary Reese and I got some of our Easter Lunch meal together.
We all met up at the club for an afternoon Easter Egg Hunt. There were tons of kids there and I think everyone had a ball hunting! Mary Reese's age group was on the back, so I stayed with her while Jody and Banks hunted in the front of the club.
Getting ready for the hunt!

Finding the "Golden" Egg!

Finding the "Golden" Egg a split second before Mary Bradford (about 6 feet high in a Holly tree)

but still sharing all the candy inside because that was "the deal"!

Mary Reese and Gray having a BIG discussion!

One last picture so you can admire an angle of the handy work Mary Reese did with the scissors on Monday! Beauty School her she comes!!!

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