Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Seussical Showcase

The art, music & drama teacher at Banks' school put together a showcase each year.  Last year was a Disney Spectacular.  This year is was all about Dr. Seuss.

His class performed with another 2nd Grade and 1st Grade class...


[Banks is on the back row, far left.]

They talked about Dr. Seuss' life, how he got into writing children's books and other trivia.  They performed songs from Seussical the Musical.

I was hoping to video some of the songs.  I even remembered to throw the video camera in my purse that morning.  I forgot to check the batteries.  I got ready to video and realized the batteries were dead!

About halfway through the performance, I saw Banks leave the stage.  His teacher came out from the other side.  Apparently he got sick during rehearsal that morning.  He wasn't feeling 100%.  He was white as a ghost.

He decided the show must go on...he got back on stage in time for his lines...


The last book that Dr. Seuss wrote before he died was "Oh the Places You'll Go."  This book tells everyone to do your best, work hard and your dreams can come true!!!

Congratulations!---Today is your day.---You're off to Great Places!  You're off and away!

He sounded great!  He made it through the rest of the showcase and even some pictures after they were done...


Then I checked his out so he could go home and recover the rest of the day!

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