Friday, May 27, 2011

Kindergarten Grad & Awards

It is official.  I have another Kindergarten graduate.

This seems just like yesterday...


Mary Reese's first day of Kindergarten with Ms. Lowery.  She is one amazing teacher!

The entire Kindergarten and PreK classes joined together for a graduation program called Possibilities...


They all dressed up like someone they might like to be when they grow up...


Mary Reese is on the back row under the very last "I" in Possibilities.  She is dressed up like a surgical nurse.

I am always amazed at the music teacher [Mr. Young] at her school.  He goes all out for these programs and always has the best music complete with fun dance moves.  [To this day, I can't hear The Climb by Miley Cyrus without tearing up remembering Banks' Kindergarten Graduation.]

They march into Upside Down by Jack Johnson...

[You can't see Mary Reese until about half way through this clip.  Did you notice the "rocker" twins at the end?  Hysterical]

My favorite song they sang from their program...Big Big Dreams...

After all the songs, each child was called up to receive their "diploma".

[I bought a DVD of her program so I wouldn't have to worry with the video camera.  I couldn't pull clips off the DVD, so I had to record it while it was playing on the tv.]

After they all graduated, we went back to their rooms for an award ceremony...


Mary Reese got 3rd Place for Reading 315 books this year.

She got a Math Award for being able to count to 100...


And no graduation would be complete without...


a cookie cake!

Mary Reese had a fabulous year.  She is definitely ready for 1st Grade!

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