Thursday, May 26, 2011

my student of the month

A super proud mom moment.

I have known for about two months that Banks had been nominated for Student of the Month at his school.  It has been the hardest secret to keep from him because I was so proud of him.

Finally the award ceremony day arrived.  He was dying to wear a t-shirt and gym shorts that day to school because they were having a roller skating party after one of the first grade plays.  I talked him into khaki shorts and a collared shirt.  He had no clue why I was so adamant that he dress nicely.

I got to the cafeteria a little early and tried to blend into the crowd.  He spotted me and figured it out.  [They give out the Student of the Month Awards before one of the class plays.  Since it wasn't his class play...he figured out he had won an award.]

Each 2nd Grade teacher nominated one student from their class.  Then all the "special area" teachers vote on an overall winner.  The teachers nor the parents know who the overall winner is until the actual ceremony.

Mr. Kross calls out their name and reads the nomination letter from their teacher.  He saves the top 3 for last.  He announces the 2nd Runner-up, then the 1st Runner-up and finally the winner.  [It is kind like the Ms. America pagent.] 

I was thrilled when Banks was announced as the winner for the entire school for the month of April...


The rest of April's Student of the Months for Improvement...


The nomination letter...


It brought tears to my eyes!  I wish every teacher could be half as caring and wonderful as she is.  She has challenged him to bring his reading up to grade level.  She gave him the tools to reach his goal by the end of the year.  Not only did he met his goal, he exceeded it!  He made the benchmark in reading for the end of 3rd Grade.

He was beaming as Mr. Kross was reading the letter.

He is We are so proud of his medal medal...


The icing on the cake...


His friend and classmate, Mary Bradford, won it for March - Leadership.

After they play, the entire 2nd Grade loaded up for an afternoon of roller skating...


[I did bring him those gym shorts and that t-shirt to change into before they left.  And Banks totally got why I wanted him to look nice that morning.]

The cherry on top of it all...


He finally learned how to roller skate beside one of his best friends, Eppes!

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Anonymous said...

Great post! So proud of Banks and all of his accomplishments this year!! 3rd grade, here he comes!
Love, Auntie