Saturday, May 14, 2011

garden update

I planted a lettuce garden mid March.  We planted a huge variety and it is booming...


This bed was produced from a pack of gourmet mesclun seed.


Butter Crisp



We also have romaine, iceburg, red leaf, green leaf, spinach & onions.

It has been very low maintenance.  Occasionally I just have one of my garden helpers squirt a little water on the beds...


I can't tell you how many salads this planting has yielded us.  I bet I have saved a fortune on lettuce!

I have loved grabbing my colander and picking just enough for what I am serving...


We have added all kinds of toppings...

saladfixings create all kinds of delicious & delightful salads...


I have loved every minute of having it and wished it would stick around through the heat of summer!

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