Sunday, May 8, 2011

mother's day

We celebrated Mother's Day by having our mothers and grandmother over for a brunch...


Granny LuLu in the middle of all the children.

We served brunch on the patio.  Jody and I just had about 4 cherry laurels that use to line the fence cut down.  It has made such a difference.  We lost most of our shade but love how it has opened up the area.  My neighbor joked that we needed to chip in to have her windows cleaned.  Neither one of us realized just how dirty our windows were until those trees were gone!

We had a wonderful brunch.  We had biscuits [some with fresh sliced strawberries from Debbie's garden and others with country ham], cinnamon rolls, cheese grits & grilled sausage patties from a local farmer.  I made a Vidalia Onion Quiche...


A patient of my dad's sells bags of vidalia onions this time of year, so I was excited to use them on this recipe.  I did not have a tart pan so I improvised.

The biggest hit of the brunch...


Baby Hot Browns with Spicy Candied Bacon.  Delicious & Delightful!

It was a toasted slice of French bread topped with smoked deli turkey and a mornay-type sauce.  You put this under the broiler for a few minutes.  Then you top it with spicy candied bacon, tomatoes & an avocado slice.  Serve immediately.

My children presented me with the sweetest gift...


...a pea in the pod necklace from here.  A pearl to represent each one of my children.  I love it!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day and got to spend it with someone they love.

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Blessed Rain said...

Looks like a wonderful day with great food!