Sunday, May 29, 2011

another baseball season under our belts

We just finished our second season in Minor B Baseball.  It was a weird season between the rain and the tornados.  Lots of rescheduled games.  We barely squeezed them all in.

Banks played 1st Base the entire season...


He did a fabulous job.  He got lots of outs and even caught a foul ball for an out.

He did a great job batting...


And most importantly made several new friends...


Benjamin, Nash, Sam, Ben & Banks

We didn't have the best record in the league.  We only ended up winning 1 game.  It seemed as nothing could go our way the entire season.  It was a season of perseverance.  The kids probably wished they had won more games...but they all had a great time playing ball together.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Several of the parents of 1st year players commented on how Banks took them under his wing.  He was always cheering for them, letting them know they could do it.  It made this mom proud.

We ended the season with a little pizza party after our very last game...


Of course the little sisters weren't going to miss a beat...


Abby, Mary Reese and Jinger.  Not only did all the boys get along...all their little sisters had a ball.

No end-of-the-baseball-season party would be complete without...


...a few baseball cupcakes.

I think this guy was the saddest of them all to see the season end...


I think he would live our there in the concession stand if I would let him.  He looked like he got a bad spray tan by the time we left the park each day.  Even his scalp was orange.  He was too dirty for the bathtub.  The boy loved to play in the red dirt and sand piles beside the field.  As soon as the t-ball games were over...he would head onto their field to run their bases.

Debbie decided he needed a "ballpark Debbie scrub down" one night.

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