Thursday, May 20, 2010

Disney Spectacular

Banks just completed a unit on the Walt Disney Empire in music, drama and art.  The kids got together and thought of questions they wanted to research about Disney.  They put all their research together into a Specatular...

Disney Specatular

Here are some video clips from the performance [a friend was video and I was snapping pictures.  Her daughter is on the right in the green shirt and Banks is on the opposite side of the stage on the top row in the blue shirt.  Make sure you watch the boy in the orange shirt on the front row towards the center...he is hysterical.]

Did you know that Cinderella is not the top princess? [She is number 2 and Snow White is number 1.]

Banks and his class after the performance...
Disney Specatular

They did such a fabulous job!  I am always amazed at what these kids do.  Just watching it and listening to all the music makes me want to go back to Disney even more [if that is even possible]!

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