Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hostage Situation

Last night my oven took my dinner hostage... The Culprit

When I got home, I put a pan of brownies in the top oven and a pan of Chicken Tetrizzini in the bottom oven. The timer for the brownies beeped and I took them out without incident. About 10 minutes later, the timer beeped for the tetrazzini. When I tried to open the oven door...it wouldn't budge! I discovered the oven took my dinner hostage!!!

We tried and tried to get that durn oven door open but had no luck! After about 15 minutes {and a couple of brownies each}, we turned to Plan B...
Backup Plan
The neighborhood Mexican joint!

I thought the oven door might open when it finally cooled down, but I was denied. I did a quick internet search {determined to save my dinner} and ran upon this article... The Solution
{It is amazing the kind of information you can find out there on the internet!} I gently lifted up on the oven door, moved it from side to side and wha la...the oven door opened! My tetrazzini was saved! The Hostage
Guess what we had for dinner tonight?

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