Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Fall Break

This was last Fall Break...


How do you ever top a fabulous, magical trip to Walt Disney World? There is no topping it but we managed to squeeze in a wonderful mini-vacation!

Saturday morning, we all loaded up in the family truckster for a mystery destination {we didn't tell the kids that we were even going on a trip}. We headed south {and after almost a hour delay sitting in stand-still traffic on the interstate}...we finally made it to our destination: Ross Bridge
Ross Bridge Resort for a 2 night mini-vacay! The kids enjoyed swimming in the pool all weekend long {which must have been heated because it actually pretty pleasant}...
sliding pool time
We also caught up on some much needed rest...
And thanks to my thoughtful husband, I got to catch up on some magazines...
...while enjoying a much needed pedicure and massage at the Resort Spa!
I went with a new fall color...very unlike me {usually I am a pink/coral kind of girl}.

Sunday afternoon we surprised these three goblins yet again...
my little ghost
We took them to Boo at the {Birmingham} Zoo:
boo at the zoo
Where they played tons of carnival games...
carnival games
...and won cool prizes...
...and rode the spooky rides like the carousel backwards to Halloween tunes...
spooky carousel
They also snuck in some trick-or-treating as well. They had a blast! Our only disappointment was all the animals were "blocked" off! Oh well...guess we will have to plan another trip to actually see the animals!

We also managed to do some shopping....
target buggy
...at the Summit and the new Super Target in Hoover {supposedly the "World's Largest Target"}!
And of course what would a vacation be without lots of delicious and delightful food...
...Saturday night we hit Iguana Grill and Davenport's Pizza on Sunday!

We had a fantastic time on our little Surprise Fall Break Road Trip!

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