Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Alabama Tennessee Game Weekend

All my friends from college try to reunite at 1 game a year {usually the Ole Miss or Tennessee game...which ever one is home}. Jody and I headed down to Tuscaloosa on Friday afternoon... Pregame

We made a pit stop here before heading to Hotel Orrell for the weekend...
THE Booth
The {original} Booth was one of my hangouts in college. It use to be located on the strip. A couple of years ago...the strip underwent a major transformation {things like a Publix instead of a church}. Anyway...The Booth was forced to close to make room for something else the University wanted. In April, some guys {one being a rep for one of Jody's suppliers} opened it back up in a new downtown location. It is fabulous...it even smelled exactly the same as a remembered! After a few cold ones for old times sake...we headed to Lori and Bill's to wait on the rest of the gang!

We got up early Saturday morning and hit the Quad! Someone has gotten brilliant since my college days... Tailgate setup

They rent complete set ups for game days {some tents even come equipped with a big screen}! Lori and Bill {thankfully} are a part of one of these groups! She even ordered us barbecue to be picked up on the quad and beverages to be delivered iced down to our tent! Literally...all we had to do was show up! Yes there was a price to pay...but it was so worth it!

After tailgating all morning {and no of us ever took a group shot}, we headed over to the stadium to find our seats! Jody got to sit in a box with his supplier... After the game

...while I hiked it up to the upperdeck with my friend Amy. We ended up being 4 rows from the top surrounded by some lovely Tennessee fans! Actually they weren't that bad to sit with. Some of them might need a visit from Clinton and Stacey from What Not To Wear... What NOT to Wear

Does that look like an appropriate outfit for an end-of-October football game? I thought the rule was no white after Labor Day? Seriously the high was only in the low 60s. Until the sun hit us mid-game, it was quite chilly! She made me cold just looking at her!

It was a nail-biter of a game with {thankfully} a happy ending! Jody even got a wristband from Star Jackson for Banks after the game {His seat was right by the tunnel to the locker room}! Banks can't wait for show-and-tell on Friday! Thanks to Lori and Bill for being such wonderful hostesses for the weekend! We are looking forward to next year!

Thank you to all the grandparents {and great-grandmother} who pitched in to keep the kids for the weekend! Hope they were all on their best behavior!

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