Monday, October 26, 2009

CSA Fall Festival

Mary Reese {and Owen's} school had their Fall Festival on Friday. They got to wear their costumes. There was only 1 person from her class {and I think in the entire school} not in costume that day...Guess Who it was? c&m's class

You got to pick your battles and that was one I chose not to fight! {I did put it in her backpack just incase she had a change of heart!}

Here she is in her festive clothes with the class pumpkin... costumless Their school has gotten high tech! They created a facebook page and were posting pictures of the fall festival even before school was out {all these pictures except the last were borrowed off their page}! It is wonderful being able to see what your children are doing during the day!

From the looks of it, I think the festival was a hit... tunnel of love jumping fun Owen's class was suppose to go but I never saw any pictures of them. He did get to bring home his own pumpkin... Owen pumpkin

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