Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Carpool Line Project

Since I finished my book, I needed a new project to work on while in the carpool line and during Mary Reese's ballet/tap class. I finally found an out-of-print Cinderella smocking plate. So for the last few weeks, I have been working on getting this done for our upcoming trip {our Princess will be wearing it when we eat lunch with the other Princesses at the Castle}:
The first week I got all the backsmocking done. This week I have been working on the borders and the picture smocking part. I am almost done with the smocking...then I will be working on the construction of the dress and another surprise! I will post some more pictures once I get it done!


The Bordens said...

Let me know if you would like another project. I would love something for Holley Ann, and I will pay you:)

StaceyLWillis said...

I want the book you finished!

Leigh Ann said...

You are so smart! I think the fiddlers might could stay in Disney and perform!