Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Both the kids are really into "homework"! {I wonder how long that will last?} Banks had his first homework assignment tonight, so Mary Reese had to have some as well. Here they are, working on their assignments together {I promise her hair was brushed when she left the house today}:
His paper gave the instructions to draw something fun he did yesterday. He chose to draw himself jumping on the trampoline {can't you tell by looking}. I really wanted to jump in and help BUT I don't want to be one of those parents who does all their homework for them. Here is the masterpiece:
I did write out the words "jumping on the trampoline" for him to copy on the bottom. I think his handwriting has improved drastically since last year! I am proud to say that he is definitely a lefty like his Mommy!
Mary Reese has "homework" every week. They are studying lots about the letters of the alphabet. Ms. Valerie and Ms. Irene send a letter home on Fridays for them to decorate with something that starts with that letter. This weekend she has to decorate the letter C. Here she is very seriously and meticulously gluing on her Candy Corn:

She gets to take the letter to school the next week and show all her classmates her decorated letter!

I am really amazed at all they have been learning in school! I am very thankful that both of them LOVE going to school!!!

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StaceyLWillis said...

I am glad they love school too! I however am stuck with the few that say "School is boring!" They have a sad road ahead of them!