Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend fill with Festivities

We had a packed Labor Day weekend filled with LOTS of fun festivities! We {along with everyone else in the city} kicked off our long weekend attending the first D-High football game. It was a little different this year because instead of playing the big cross town rival for the last game...we played them for the first game. Needless to say, it was a blow out and we left at half time. Mary Reese, Banks and Colwell - all were really into the game, the cheerleaders and catching the plastic footballs they threw out when D-High scored:
Saturday morning {about 5 am}, the kids, Debbie and I hit the road to Indianapolis for Baby Carter's 1st Birthday Celebration. I made it all the way to the Indiana state line when I saw this:

They were camped out at the state line and I never saw him. In my defense, I don't think I was going any faster than anyone else on the road but I am sure I was singled out because of my out-of-state tag! It has been 18 years since my last I guess I was due one.

We made it the rest of the way without any major tragedies. Debbie bought Carter his first pair of shoes...a pair of Wee Squeak tennis shoes. He thought he was big stuff walking around making squeaking noises:

Baby Carter then took his cousins to his swimming pool: Where Mary Reese even found a pair of Princess high heels to play with:

After a dip in the pool, we enjoyed "Debbie's Last Vegetable Meal" of the summer {I think I remember her saying the same thing last weekend}! I put the kids to bed and then settled in to watched the Alabama/Clemson game. I decided to hit the hay to watch the 4th Quarter only to discover the Indianapolis station decided the game was such a blow out that they switched over to some Michigan State/California game? Doesn't the rest of the world revolve around SEC football?

Debbie got up Sunday morning, gave Carter his first haircut {no more baby mullet} and fixed him his first big southern breakfast complete with homemade biscuits, sliced peaches and grits! Baby Carter enjoying it all:

After a trip to the Fashion Mall, it was time to get ready for the big party. Uncle Nicholas smoked 2 huge boston butts on the egg. Debbie and Uncle Nicholas pulling it to serve with Big Bob Gibson's Sauce:

Mary Reese and Carter enjoying the birthday meal: The birthday boy drawing with sidewalk chalk like the big kids: Banks, Anna, Dylan and Mary Reese "playing" Bocce Ball: Baby Carter LOVING every bite of his cake:

We headed home after the party and made it home around 11:00 pm...a whirl wind trip but one we would not have missed!

Today we spend the entire day lounging by the pool as a family. Tomorrow...back to reality!!!

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Sue said...

Thank you for coming! My birthday wouldn't have been the same without my cousins (and Aunt E & Debbie)! I miss playing with you already! Love, Carter