Sunday, September 14, 2008

Riverfest Weekend

We spent the entire weekend at Riverfest at Ingall's Harbor on the Tennesee River. Jody and his "Full of Bologna" team cooked all weekend long! They ended up finishing 19th overall out of 77 teams.
Banks wanted to be dropped off to his daddy at Riverfest as soon as I picked him up from school on Friday {afraid he might miss something}. Mary Reese and I headed out later that afternoon. The kids played, danced to the bands and ate all night long! Mary Reese loved the Ribbon Fries while Banks opted for at least 2 snowcones. I looked up at one point and Banks and Sam were dancing on the cooler...just like they were on the front row of a fraternity bank party. Then all the kids started jumping off the cooler:
We headed home fairly early Friday night for a scrub down and some rest - so we could do it all over on Saturday!
Banks headed back to Riverfest with Jody early that morning. He and Mary Bradford played hard and even got their hair and face painted! Mary Reese and I waited until that afternoon to make our appearance! {I knew Mary Reese needed to rest before she went since she got up at the crack of dawn - 6:30 - asking if she could get some more of those Ribbon Fries!} Mary Reese, Vivi and Gray had a blast playing on all the blow ups:

Then Wesley "WeWe" took Banks and Mary Reese to the "yard":

Towards the end of the night, we got to hang out with Holley Ann, Kristi, Aunt Belinda and Pizza Man:

Thank you to Pizza Man for buying us all our glow necklaces and sticks on Friday night! Next year Holley Ann will be right there with them! The kids were already asking if we were coming back next year as we were leaving on Saturday night! They had a blast all weekend! Mary Reese {"The Energizer Bunny"} was back up early this morning...Banks is still snoozing!!!

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Lori said...

Let me just say-----that "cooler dancing" will get you in trouble later in life-----------hence the college nickname!!!!!!!!