Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family Weekend at the Lake

We spent a nice, peaceful family weekend here:
We stopped here on the way to and from the lake:
For these {the world's best chicken fingers and potato wedges}:
The water was a little chilly for swimming, so the kids did this instead:
Saturday night, we grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and corn. We also made good old "lake fries":
Saturday afternoon, Banks wanted to ride the zipline one last time this year and I wanted to practice with the new video camera. He jumped on {see the boy stick figure} and literally flew down. When he got to the end {see the girl stick figure}, he nailed me and I flew backwards into the water between the dock and the boat, video camera in hand. I now know how those people on American Gladiators feel! Luckily we both survived along with the video camera {thanks to the hair dryer}! I thought I had the entire thing on tape and was ready to claim 1st prize on American's Funniest Home Videos but I must have forgotten to press the record button! The zipline if officially retired until the water level rises!

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