Friday, August 29, 2008

The Big Brown Cookie Monster

I spent the day yesterday making these for Baby Carter's 1st Birthday:

I noticed about 15 disappeared while I was picking up Mary Reese from school yesterday. Thank goodness I had made plenty extra! I finished icing them last night and planned on letting them dry before bagging them up for his party favors. I headed to the dining room armed with bags and ribbon after I dropped the kids off at school. That is when I noticed the tragedy. This had struck again:

The Big Brown Cookie Monster

He chowed down on 15-20 more cookies. Needless to say...I was back in the kitchen this morning making another batch! And yes, we had a very sick doggy today who spent his day frolicking in the back yard! Maybe he has learned his lesson!!!

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Sue said...

OH NO!!!! Aunt E, thank you so much for your dedication to my party favors! I know they will be yummy! Love, Baby Carter