Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fruits of our {my} Labor

Look at what all we picked from "the garden" this week:
It seemed like they took forever to ripen this year. Now we are picking them constantly! What have we done with these fruits of our labor? Last week I roasted a huge baking sheet full then pureed them for spaghetti sauce. This week...

Yep...a tomato pie made with my tomatoes {the Better Boys and the Romas} and the basil straight from my garden! Can't wait to dig in tonight at dinner! While we were picking tomatoes, we noticed one of our zinnias were blooming! I wish there were a 100 more to go along with this one:


StaceyLWillis said...

It looks like you could go to the farmer's market with that crop!! I think you are beating me now.

Sue said...

beautiful 'maters. We sure wish we could dig into that tomato pie with you!