Friday, July 11, 2008

Princess Ballerina Camp

Mary Reese spent every day this week in Princess Ballerina Camp at First Baptist Church. Lots of her friends were all there too! Here is her entire class:
Aren’t they adorable!
Each day they made a princess themed craft, had a snack and learned how to be Princess Ballerinas! She loved every minute of it! Today they had a recital to show off everything they have learned. First she danced on stage with her scarf:

Then they danced out in front of us:

After they showed off all their dance moves…they each did a curtsy and were awarded a certificate:

Gray, Vivi and Charlotte – we loved seeing you every day and talked about you constantly every night! Thank you Ms. Tara and Ms. Ellie – Mary Reese had a fabulous week and looks forward to it again next year! Maybe this year she will say “Yes” when I ask her if she wants to take ballet!


Leigh Ann said...

Hi Mary Reese! I had a great week with you at camp. I hope we can dance and play again soon. Love, Charlotte

Amy said...

we had fun glad we got to dance together...can't wait for our REAL ballet class!! love, Gray