Monday, August 4, 2008

1st Day of School for Mary Reese

Mary Reese started back to school at First Baptist today! She has 2 fabulous teachers: Ms. Valerie and Ms. Irene {we had Ms. Irene back in the 1-year-old class, so we were thrilled to see her move up to the 3's}. She was so excited to pack her new "big girl" backpack {with silky blankets and a baby} and matching lunchbox {pizza, cheese crackers, gummies, granola bar and a juice box}:
She was a little shy when we first got there but immediately warmed up when she saw all her best friends! Here she is hanging up her lunchbox on her hook {notice the Hannah Montana purse in tow}:

When Banks and I left, she and Bo were busy stringing beads for a necklace {notice her "cell phone" just incase someone needs to call her while she is at school}:

She came running up to me when I picked her excited about her 1st day! Her teachers said she had a fabulous day and she even got to be the leader! I asked her who she played with...she said that her and Lawson played in the kitchen. {We missed you Gray Bug...hope you are feeling better}!


StaceyLWillis said...

stace717@Mar Mar, You are such a big girl! I hope you have had a fun week at school! I can't wait to hear about Banks' first day!
Love, Aunt Stacey

Leigh Ann said...

Mary Reese-I hope you have a great year! I know you and Gray will have lots of fun together. Love, Charlotte