Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy {late} Independence Day!

Thursday afternoon, we packed up and headed down to Smith Lake for the long holiday weekend! We spent the weekend sunning, swimming, cruising in the boat and EATING with Aunt Stacey and David.
Friday morning we got up and cooked pancakes outside:

We spent the rest of the day on the dock until the rain ran us in for the day! Saturday we drove the boat down to Julie and Ryan Waller's cabin where most of our friends were "camped" out for the weekend. This was my favorite picture from our visit - 2 of the dads (Jody and Brad) loaded up 5 kids (Mary Bradford, Banks, Jack, Mary Reese and Gray) and a dog for a boat ride while the moms enjoyed margaritas on the dock!

Mary Bradford came back with us for a while. She, Banks and Mary Reese did all kinds of fun things together. First Banks and Mary Bradford rode the tube - Mary Bradford kept signaling to go faster while Banks was signaling to slow down or stop:

After Banks was finished with the tube, Mary Reese decided she wanted a turn. Her and Mary Bradford had a ball and wanted to go faster and faster:

Then, Banks wanted to show Mary Bradford the rock he had been jumping off. She decided she didn't want to miss it (Sorry Brad, I let her jump).

Here is Mary Reese jumping off the rock the day before (the child is fearless):

After some rock jumping, we headed back to the dock. Banks introduced Mary Bradford to the zip line. After seeing the older ones zipping into the water, Mary Reese decided she wanted a turn. She cried the entire way down but immediately wanted another turn and jumped right back in line!

Another fabulous weekend at Smith Lake...there is just something so peaceful about it. We hope everyone else had a safe holiday weekend!

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StaceyLWillis said...

Jerald Dean Duncan Bridge Junkin and I have fun with y'all! Wish you would have gotten a pic of me zip linning!