Sunday, July 13, 2008

Repeat Performance

Last weekend we had such a nice time at the lake...we loaded up Friday afternoon for a repeat performace. We took the boat out Saturday morning and head out for our new found favorite rock jumping spot.
After some jumping and swimming we headed back to our cabin. We took a detour at Blaze's cabin (a teammate from the T-Ball) for a visit. We ended staying long enough to be invited to a magic show next door. Apparently this guy is a world renowned magician and I will have to admit, we were all amazed! I was sitting on the front row, right by the guy and I still have no clue how he did those tricks! After the show, we headed back to grill out some good old lake hamburgers and french fries!
Back at home as we were getting unloaded and the laundry going, Mary Reese gashed her eye open on the corner of a piece of furniture. She kept calling for her Popsy when we were discussing the possibility of stiches. Remember "The Dental Chair" from October? Another repeat performance in the dental chair? Since it was on her face, I thought a plastic surgeon might need to look at it. I didn't want her blaming me for some scar on her face 10 years down the road. Jody called Dr. Light (a friend who happens to be a plastic surgeon). He told her to bring her out to his house for a "consultation". Luckily no stiches were needed, just some tape for a few days! Thank you Dr. Light for our "house call"! Looks like she is going to end up with a black eye. Baby Carter, you with your pink eye and Mary Reese with her black eye could be quite a pair!

After dinner the kids were outside eating popsicles when Banks brought me this bucket full of tomatoes fresh off our vines! They are finally starting to ripen!!!


The Bordens said...

oh mar!!!!! We will be in Decatur on the 21 of July for a doc. I plan to stay the night with the baby, I will call so that all of you can see her before my mothers sip and see whch will be on aug.2 in the afternoon, hope all of you can make it.

StaceyLWillis said...

Poor Mar mar! I hope that eye gets better or else she is going to be telling the story often...similar to my chocking on milk at the hospital story!