Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh What a Night/Early Morning...

Last night everyone at the Murphree household got nestled into their beds at a reasonable hour for what it seemed like a long winter’s nap. Jody and I were both asleep before the second Will and Grace Episode on Lifetime was over (so before 11:00 pm). Mary Reese woke up around 12:00 am because her pull up was soaking wet. Jody got her changed into a new pull up, dry pajamas and tucked back in her bed. We had just fallen back asleep when the phone rang. (It always makes me so nervous when the phone rings in the middle of the night!) I can hear Jody and this person on the other end having a conversation and I finally realize that he is talking to the security company because the alarm was going off at his office. (Yes, we are the lucky ones who get to answer the alarm calls in the middle of the night!) They said one of the motion sensors was going off in the warehouse and that the police were on their way to the scene. He told them if there was no sign of a break in to just reset the alarm because they have raccoons that get into the warehouse and set the motion detectors of all the time. So again we fall back asleep, until the phone rings about 20 minutes later. The alarm company told Jody the building was on fire and that the fire department was on the scene. By that time, I could hear the fire alarms from the trucks in our neighborhood racing to the scene. I am trying to help get Jody out the door, keep the dog in the house and get the house locked back up behind him when Mary Reese wakes up AGAIN! I just wanted to get back in by bed and get more than 1 hour of uninterrupted sleep by that point, so I told her to just get into my bed. I didn’t really sleep all that well…I had a three year old in the bed with me and just kept wondering what was going on at GulfEagle Supply. Jody came through around 4:00 am for the camera so he could take pictures (by that time the firemen had the fire put out). By 6:30 am, the alarm and phone were both ringing. It was Jody calling to let me know his mother would come and get Mary Reese if I would drop Banks off at school. Finally I got Mary Reese off with Nanny Nan, Banks to school (with a little detour by Jody’s office so he could check it out), and to work (only about 30 minutes late)! I am not as tired as I thought I would be but I am sure Jody is exhausted being that he only had about 1 ½ hours sleep! Hopefully tonight we have a restful nights sleep!!!

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