Monday, February 11, 2008

Davenport’s Pizza and a Christening Gown

This weekend we went to Birmingham for Carter’s baptism at Canterbury United Methodist. Saturday afternoon we loaded up the family and Debbie and headed to Hotel Stacey located in beautiful Homewood! After we got the car unloaded, we all piled back in the car for a quick shopping excursion to the Summit. We only made it to L’Occitane for lotions and Belk’s for a little blue jean shopping before meeting up with Nick, Sue and Carter at Davenport’s Pizza for an impromptu Birthday Dinner for Debbie!!! We had to wait for about 30 minutes on the table but that Jim’s Special was well worth it! A little side note on Davenport’s because my family has spent so many memorable meals there - I started going there when my dad was in Dental School and my mom taught home economics at Woodlawn High School. They claim they use to have to drive through McDonald’s and get me a Happy Meal because I wouldn’t eat the pizza. I think it is just so they could have more pizza for themselves! After my college graduation instead of eating in Tuscaloosa, we headed back to Birmingham and dined at Davenport’s. Nicholas and my dad took all the groomsmen there for lunch during Nicholas and Sue’s wedding weekend. Jody and I almost always stop by there for dinner on our way home from the beach. So it just seemed fitting to have dinner there on Friday night!
Debbie and all the Grandkids
Sunday we attended the beautiful baptism service in which Carter as well as my kids behaved like perfect angels! Mary Reese snored (I mean slept) through the entire sermon while Banks worked diligently on his kid’s page they handed out. Carter wore the gown that Debbie made when Banks was baptized almost five years ago. Mary Reese wore it 2 years after Banks and hopefully there will be several more Willis kids to continue the tradition! I have been meaning to get all their names and dates they were baptized embroidered in the hem, so now there have been 3 maybe that will give me a push! The lace is my favorite part of the fact the lace was the first thing we picked out!
Banks, Mary Reese and Carter
The Lace

After the service, we headed back to the Lovoy’s house for a delicious lunch complete with a delightful cake! It was a perfect road trip! I am sure you can check out Sue and Nick’s blog for more details that I will let them divulge!

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Jennie-Marie said...

Beautiful!! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Can't wait to see more pictures. I have some box tops for Banks.