Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A new "cousin"

This message was in my Inbox this morning from one of my best college friends:
Subject: Hi!!! Who: Me & Bill
What: A baby
When: September 5th or around
A. Peer pressure
B. Got drunk
C. Looks easy
D. "Got lucky"
E. All the above
Consider yourself "in the know"!
I call Lori my “cousin” because we tailgated with Lori, Bill and the rest of the T-town crew before the Homecoming game (that is the game we took the kids to this year). When we were walking into the stadium, Banks kept asking if my cousin was sitting with us. I finally figured out he was talking about Lori. He has mentioned her several times since then and even said that this year when we go to a game we can stay at our cousin’s house. Anyway…Congratulations Lori and Bill! I know you are going to be FABULOUS parents. We can’t wait to meet our newest cousin Orrell in August/September!
Oh...and a little trip down memory lane for all you college buddies of mine!
Swap - Freshman Year (Mande, Allison, Jane, Lori, Mary and Me)
Pat O'Brien's Senior Year after Alabama beat LSU (Mary, me, Bethany, Amy, Lee Allison, Lori and Mande)! It was pouring rain after the game!

Alpha Chi Jr/Sr - Our Senior Year (Amy, Me, Lori, Jane and Mary)

Lori and Bill's Mexican Fiesta Wedding Shower 2003 - Jane, Amy, Lori, Mary and me (Bethany was missing because she was about to have Michael)

Friday night before the Alabama/Ole Miss game 2006 - Mary, me, Lori, Jane (pregnant with twin girls), and Bethany. Amy was in route from Memphis

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Lori said...

Nice walk down memory lane! I am so thankful for each and every one of you and what you've meant to me during the years. (you know it doesn't take much to make a pregnant girl cry) Old friends ROCK!!!
Thanks Andrea!