Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Best of Both Worlds...

What a busy, rainy day! Hilary and I took Banks, Mary Reese and Vivi to the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus 3-D movie matinee at the Monaco Theater today. I love the Monaco because you can reserve your seats. So I purposely picked the “handicapped” row because there is an aisle in front of you therefore giving you plenty of leg room. Banks was glued to the movie and wore his 3-D glasses the entire time. Mary Reese wore hers for about 5 minutes and then was over them. She watched about half the movie in her seat and then dance in the aisle the rest of the show. I will admit, the movie was pretty cool. Disney came up with this 1 week movie highlighting her recent Best of Both Worlds Tour because so many people couldn’t get tickets to her sold out concerts. The best part of the movie was one radio station had a contest with dads for 4 concert tickets complete with backstage passes…they had to sprint wearing high heels! It was hilarious!
This afternoon, Banks had a birthday party for his friend Shakiah at Off the Walls (a huge indoor playground). He played on every toy there! Then we came home and had the Gantts, Bronaughs, Burnetts, Greenes and Villarreals (after they made pizzas for the entire city) over for the Super Bowl! We had so many yummy snacks! Our favorite commercial was in the 4th Quarter for Amp…there was a huge auto mechanic with jumper cables attached to him dancing to Push It trying to get enough “juice” to jump off a car. The second runner up for the night was the Doritos Mouse Trap from the 2nd Quarter. What was your favorite commercial?
Happy Birthday Shakiah!

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