Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a reunion @ the capstone

Since graduating from college, all of my buddies have been reuniting at the capstone for a home game each year.  The crowd and the game varies from year to year.  Last year was the first year we didn't do it...kids and commitments got in the way.  This year we were back on for the Alabama/Tennessee game.

Lori and Bill graciously opened up their home in Northport for those wanting to make a weekend of it.  Jody and I headed down Friday afternoon.  We enjoyed a super late lunch on Iguanna Grill's patio, we shopped around on the strip [which was made up of bars and restaurants when I was in school] and we helped Lori and Bill secure our spot on the quad.

Bethany and Justin and Amy and Bobby made it to town later that night.  We grabbed a quick bite at a local mexican dive, caught up on all the gossip and hit the sack to rest up for a day of tailgating.

Thankfully the game didn't kick-off until 6:00 pm, so we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before loading up all the neccessary tailgating equipment for a noon quad arrival.

Here are the girls...


[Amy, me, Bethany & Lori]

...with the husbands...


[Lori & Bill, Bobby & Amy, Jody & me, Bethany & Justin]

We enjoyed the atmosphere you can only get on the quad in Tuscaloosa.  We tailgated with Moe's [who delivered and set everything up at our tent] and some homemade goodies...


We visited with our families...


Nicholas, me & Stacey


Me, Stacey & Christoper

All my sibilings were never at the same place at the same time.  Go figure.

We ran into tons of people we haven't seen in years...


Jody & Cody [one of Patrick's buds]

We are planning it all again for the Alabama/Georgia game next year!

While the parents were away, the kids played.

Popsy and Gigi picked them up from school and had a weekend full of activities planned.  Friday night they rode scooters...


...and roasted hot dogs and marshmellows in the outdoor fireplace.  Drank hot chocolate while wearing a witches hat...


Saturday they headed back to Taft, TN for another fun day at Lyon Family Farm...








I heard Owie had to be drug out of the "popcorn" bins!

What a fun weekend!

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