Wednesday, October 5, 2011

community :: it's up to us

Banks has been studying the community in his first IB unit of third grade.  They studied the meaning of community, the responsibilities of being a member of a community and leadership in the community.

During this unit, they took a tour of City Hall [talked to the mayor and an employee of the chamber], the county court house [talked to a judge], the county jail and the Old State Bank [to get the history of our community].  Three of the third grade classes at the Old State Bank...


His class behind the bench with Judge Waters at the courthouse...


[A little trivia...the bench seen here is the same bench that was used in the Scottosboro Boys trial.]


When they got back to school, they watched a demonstration from two of the K9 officers.  The next week, they walked to the fire station located beside their school.

The final lesson in their IB unit was a community service project.  Each child had to volunteer at least 30 minutes of their time doing community service.  They had to answer question and turn in a poster showcasing what kind of service they did...

It is Up To Us Community Service Project

Banks made fall goodie bags to deliver to the people at Riverside Senior Living.

As extra credit, we put together a video...

I am so thankful they are learning about our community and the importance of community service at such a young age!

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