Friday, October 21, 2011

fall frenzy '11

Friday night was fall frenzy for Banks and Mary Reese!  A fabulous time was had by all...


Mary Reese and her friend Gray immediately headed for the cotton candy station.

Then Mary Reese set her eyes set on a ZuZu pet at the toy walk...


I bet she played that game no less than 10 times before she finally won!  Thankfully the ZuZu pet was still on the prize table.

Then she moved onto the cake walk...


She played that a few times before her friend Hampton came to give her some tips...


She finally won!  And what did she pick from the table [that did include some fabulous looking homemade treats]?  A pack of mini cupcakes from the Walmart bakery.  Seriously?

Banks spent all his tickets on the dunking booth, the lego building tower contest and the football toss...


Mary Reese found her friend Mia Kate and her brother at the lollipop pull...


The face painting this year was AMAZING!  Mary Reese opted for a pink feather instead.

Mary Reese also won a couple of goldfish at the ping pong toss...


She won a fish for herself, Owen and her friend Eliza.  Eliza has been sick couldn't come.  Mrs. Propst asked Mary Reese to take Eliza tickets and win her some treats!

This year we had hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza and nachos at the food station.  Where was Jody?


Grilling burgers and dogs!

Finally at the end of the night, we found our friend Amelia...


Another successful fall frenzy!  We didn't win any silent auction items.  I bid on a few early on but forgot to go back and check on them.  We also bought a key to win an iPad.  We didn't score on that one either.  The first key that was tried was the winner.

I am glad the frenzy is only once a worn me out!

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