Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Schools Out for Summer!

I could tell school was about to be out for summer when my breakfast room table looked like this one afternoon...


All the teachers stuffed the kids backback with all the contents from the desk and sent it home!  My table looked like a war zone!!!

On the last day of school, we sent the teachers a little gift to remind them how wonderful they have been to my children this year [seriously, they all 3 had fabulous teachers]...

I ordered the insulated lunch bags from Mixed Bag Designs [the PTA at Banks' school sold them as a fundraiser at Christmas time and again at the end of the year].  They make fabulous gifts and the price can't be beat!  Inside the bags were one last treat from our kitchen - Butterfinger Cookies.

Summer has officially started at the Murphree house...we have been staying up a little later and not dragging out the door in the mornings.  Happy Summer y'all!

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