Wednesday, June 2, 2010

closing ceremonies

At the end of our regular season, we [the Braves] were in a 3 way tie for first place [with the Astros and Nationals]. Last week we had a little playoff for the title. We defeated the Astros Monday night and the Nationals Tuesday night to clinch the Minor B Championship! Way to go BRAVES! I don’t know who was more excited about our victory…the kids or the parents.

Last Thursday night was closing ceremonies for all 4 leagues. Before the ceremonies began, there was a huge game of wall ball…

Wall Ball

All the kids play wall ball before, between and after games. I had never seen this many children involved in a single game. It was hysterical.

During closing ceremonies all the Minor B teams, coaches and sponsors were announced to the audience.

Closing Ceremonies

Then trophies were handed out to the first and second place teams. Here we are running to accept our 1st Place trophies…

Run to 1st

Banks getting his trophy and a high five for a fabulous rookie year…

High 5

The team with their hard earned trophies…

1st Place

Bottom Row – Blaze, Sam, Wim, Charlie & Banks
2nd Row – Drew, Nelson, Trinity, Henry, Regan & Lee
Coaches – Jody, Jeff & Trent

Not pictured: Coach Patty [she bravely kept those boys under control in the dug out during each game]

This was such an amazing group of boys and parents! We closed out our season with a team fiesta in Mi Hacienda’s back room [not sure if that place will ever be the same or if any of us are welcome to come back].

While we were waiting on our food, Coach Jeff described each boy’s season and gave them an individual award. Banks got the Toughest Player Award. He caught all but 2 innings of the 18 games we have played so far [and his pants have enough red clay stain on them to prove it].

Baseball is far from over for us…city tournament games were suppose to start last night [but we got rained out]. Today is not looking too promising but hopefully we can squeeze in a game. After city tournament is over, Banks was chosen to play on the Decatur National Rookie All-Star Team. Way to go Banks!

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