Tuesday, June 8, 2010

city championship

Saturday night we played in the city Minor B Championship against the Phillies [also a Decatur National team].  It was the 5th time for these 2 teams to meet.  [We played each other on Opening Day...so it was kind of fitting to end our season playing each other.]  We had beaten them the 4 previous times, but most of the time only by 1 run [Banks was awarded the game ball twice during the season and both times it was against the Phillies].  We watched the Phillies crush the Nationals the night before to earn their spot in the finals.  We knew it was going to be a tough game.

Here are the Decatur National Minor B Braves lining up 1 last time...


[That is Banks in the red catcher gear.]

We kept it a tight game until the third inning where we just fell apart.  Owen wasn't going to let the score get him down...


...he was the Ball Park Urchin begging food off of everyone [Thanks to the league president for loading him up with fries].  All season if Owen saw you had food, he was your new best friend!

At the bottom of the 4th, the skies opened up and everyone got a good soaking...


Mary Reese, Owen & I headed to the car secretly praying that we could just start this night all over [the score was 11 - 2 in their favor with only 2½ innings left].

Right before the rain stopped, a rainbow popped out of the sky...


We were hoping it would signify a rally of some sorts...but no such luck.  Once our team falls apart, it is hard for them to recoup.  We just couldn't catch them.  The Phillies played an amazing game and we played one of our worst games.  We had problems hitting and fielding.  They definitely deserved the win.

Our boys were disappointed with their 2nd Place finish...but they did get another trophy...


Banks accepting his 2nd trophy of the season.

The team and coaches with their individual trophies as well as the team trophy...


You can see the look of sheer disappointment on some of their faces.  It was a hard loss for them.

[Notice our head coach is not pictured...the poor guy flew out that morning for a week long vacation to the BVI.  The championship game was suppose to be the night before but the entire tournament was pushed back a day due to rain.]

Several of us met at a local Mexican joint for a little celebration [the same one after closing ceremonies...and they didn't lock the doors when they saw us coming].  By the time we arrived...all the boys were over their disappointment and were back to their rowdy selves!

Banks and Jody already had their first Rookie All-Star practice on Sunday and Monday.  They will be staying home all week practicing and playing a few games while the rest of the bunch heads south.  We will be home in time to catch the last 2 games [unless the oil sends us packing sooner].

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