Saturday, September 5, 2009

F is for Friendship & Football

Mary Reese's class has been studying about the letter F this week. They ended their week on Friday by making a friendship cake... DSC_2014 ...doesn't it look delicious! {Mary Reese said she was in charge of the orange swirls.} They all got to eat a piece at school and bring another piece home to share with family. She shared her piece with Banks and Owen... DSC_2016 ...and guess what? He liked it! DSC_2018 I would have never let the other 2 children have cake at almost 6 months! Guess that is one perk of being the 3rd child! After our cake, we headed to a little football party... DSC_2021 ...they always have a tailgate party in the courtyard of my alma mater for the first home game. {This tradition was actually started by my brothers' class.} We watched the band play and the cheerleaders cheer... DSC_2024 We ate Chick-fil-a sack dinners with friends... DSC_2027 The we headed to the stadium for some Friday night football... DSC_2028 ...with even more friends!

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