Monday, August 31, 2009

A new twist on an old favorite: Zebra Cupcakes

Wednesday nights at the Alpha Chi Omega house at the University of Alabama was always Chapter Night. It was always my favorite night to eat dinner! We usually had boneless fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and Zebra Cake! Zebra Cake is simply a layering of Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers and Whipped Cream {flavored with a little vanilla extract}. I usually layer mine in a trifle bowl {some people make theirs on a platter or into a log}. I was short on I used Cool Whip instead of making my own whipped cream. Zebra Cake The cookies are the hardest part to find. Walmart use to be the only store in town who carried them. I despise shopping we don't have Zebra Cake often. I was ecstatic when I noticed them at Publix yesterday {on the end cap with the ice cream toppings}! So tonight I created a new twist on one of my old favorites:
Zebra Cupcake A Zebra Cupcake! I started with a chocolate wafer, added a dollop of whipped cream and repeated my layers...ending with a cookie. {I ended up with 4 cookies sandwiched between 3 layers of whipped cream.} You need to leave them in the refrigerator overnight so the cookies absorb the cream and become almost cake-like! You can then garnish them with chocolate curls, sprinkles or cocoa powder. I was lazy and since they were just for my family...I omitted the garnish! But if I was taking these to someone...they would definitely be garnished!

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