Monday, September 14, 2009

Owen is 6 months

Mr. Man I can't believe that Owen is already 6 months old! Time has flown, yet it seems like he has always be apart of our family. He officially turned 6 months on the 10th but we didn't have our check-up until this morning.

The stats:
Weight - 20 lbs, 4 ozs
Height - 27 1/4 inches

Comparison to the siblings:
Banks - 19 lbs, 2 ozs & 27 inches long
Mary Reese - 15 lbs, 3 ozs & 26 1/4 inches long

The boy loves to eat! He is eating oatmeal, apples, pears, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, butternut squash and any flavor yogurt. He doesn't seem really picky when it comes to food {you can probably tell by his weight}! He is also starting to sit up some on his own. He loves his brother and sister. He always gets the biggest smile on his face when he sees them. They are also the ones who can get him to laugh hysterically! It is pretty fabulous to see them all smitten with each other {hopefully it will always be this way}!

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Tara McClendon said...

Can you tell I'm a little behind on blog reading if I'm wishing Owen a happy 6 month birthday almost 2 weeks late?! SO cute!! And don't forget I owe you 5 shirts so if you have them let me know and I'll get them from you!